Why Use Precinct Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Precinct Ambulatory Surgery Center offers physicians a unique model in which to practice medicine:

  • Opportunity for higher reimbursement
  • Dedicated Revenue Cycle Team who are subject matter experts for collecting in the out of network space
  • Patient Experience team dedicated to building value in both the physician and procedure being recommended
    • Highly skilled in overcoming objections about time of service, traveling distance and going to an out of network ASC

Why do physicians partner with Physician Partners of America?

Precinct Ambulatory Surgery Center is a centrally located, state-of-the-art Dallas facility that accommodates many types of minimally invasive outpatient procedures with a full, experienced staff and world-class amenities.

Owned and operated by Physician Partners of America (PPOA), a national leader in outpatient surgery, the facility assures you a seamless experience and complete administrative support. PPOA handles all aspects of administrative paperwork and operations so you can focus on patient care.

Unique business model

Since 2013, PPOA has focused on allowing doctors to do what they do best. It provides physicians with end-to-end support and offers a cost-saving arrangement that is changing the way medicine is practiced.

Precinct Ambulatory Surgery Center accepts Medicare and is AAAHC-accredited to provide exemplary patient care in every respect.

Credentialing and privileging

Our rigorous credentialing process follows federal and state regulatory requirements, as well as accreditation standards for verifying the education, training, licensure and current competence in order to ensure that privileges are only granted to qualified providers.

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